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Energy Efficient Garage Doors

Energy Efficient Garage Doors
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With electric costs and environmental awareness on the rise, many homeowners are becoming more concerned about energy efficiency at home. They try to observe energy efficiency starting from the home construction down to choosing the appliances, and even the garage door. This is a long-term way of saving utility costs but more importantly, in saving energy for the welfare of the environment. Energy efficient doors help achieve this measure because most garages are directly attached to the house.

When to Consider Insulation

Energy Efficient Garage DoorsPurchasing a new garage door that is more environment-friendly depends on how the garage is intended to be used and its location. Homes that share a wall with the garage space benefit from such measure since the air coming from the garage radiates into the home. Thus, if your garage is directly attached to your home, energy efficient doors are ideal for you. This also protects your vehicle. If you notice, during winter, cars are difficult to start during mornings and insulated doors can control the temperature.

Insulation is not just for cold climate, according to garage door repair Ringwood  experts. You should consider how well the door is sealed. The U-factor of a door determines how much air is allowed to leak. This is used for windows. In garage doors however, R-value is used. Higher R-value means greater insulation, unlike in U-factor that presents lower value as a better efficiency rating.

You can now find garage doors from recycled materials like one that is from composite wood or steel. Those who live in warmer climates can opt for a perforated door for ventilation, lighting, privacy and security. Modern insulation makes use of polyurethane, which is blown between the steel skins to fill the interior space. Thermal break and air sealing is also done to prevent heat loss.

If a garage is not attached to the home and is used merely for storage, is could not be so necessary to insulate the door.

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