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Do you still have questions about your garage door? Here you will find the answers

What do I do when my garage door does not open?

There are so many reasons why a garage door will not open. One is weak batteries in the remote control. Check them or get them replaced right away. Another reason is a power outage. Find out if the rest of your appliances are working or ask around if there is a power failure. If all others are working fine, there must be something wrong with it. It's time to call our professional team of experts.

How do I buy garage door locks?

When buying garage door locks, it is important to consider a few factors. Quality is the number one aspect you should look into. Secondly, you should consider the type of lock. Finally, look into the price and see if it suits your budget.

After a garage door installation, what should I do next?

After a garage door installation, there are things you should consider doing. First, you have to ask for the garage door and door opener manuals, if there are any. Next, you have to test everything. If there are concerns, you have to clarify them with the installer. Also, be sure to check the safety feature of your door opener.

Why does my garage door struggle to open?

When the garage door doesn't open with ease, there is most likely a problem with the garage door springs. In fact, if the door doesn't move at all when you try to open it, the springs are broken. If the door struggles to open, also check the condition of the garage door cable.

What should be done when the door opener sensors are blinking?

Blinking sensors of door openers usually indicate malfunctions wherein the sensors are not detecting each other. Our experts say that there might be obstructions on the sensors. These should be removed and the sensors should be properly aligned. If the blinking does not stop even after the riddance of possible obstructions, professional assistance must be sought.

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