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Cable Replacement

Garage Door Repair Services in New JerseyThe lift cables are under a great tension when the door is closed because they help the spring to balance it. They facilitate the opening of the door as well. Since they work so hard, they have a high rate of wearing. That is why seeing a cable snapped is not uncommon at all. The door must not be operated with or without the opener until the cable is replaced. The sooner the repair is done the better. This is because when a cable is broken, the door becomes uneven and can get off the track and break it. You wouldn’t want to risk further damage to the system. It is best if these components get careful examination as part of regular maintenance. There are two things to watch out for - fraying and cuts. If any of these problems is present, the cables should be replaced.

Hinge Repair

Bent hinges are not uncommon at all. The problem usually occurs because they have gotten loose. The repair involves straightening the components so that they can get their previous shape back. When the bending poses a serious risk of breaking, the hinges are replaced. This is the only solution for worn parts too. Both fixed and new hinges require proper tightening of the bolts. Lost and damaged bolts should be replaced straight away. Lubrication is also essential for the smooth work of these components. It protects them from wearing as well. It is important for a small amount of lubricant to be applied.

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