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Knowing When Your Springs Go Bad

Knowing When Your Springs Go Bad
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The springs are very important and act as a counterbalance to hold the doors on the track. When a spring malfunctions, you can end up with doors that are stuck until you can have them replaced using a professional garage door repair service.  How often are your garage doors used? Even if you only use them as little as twice a day such as when you are leaving for work and then coming home that is approximately 500 operational times per year. This leads to the unavoidable wear and tear of your garage door springs.

Learning About Garage Door Springs

Knowing When Your Springs Go Bad in New JerseyA broken garage door spring can be dangerous, not only to your car but also to you. The equilibrium of your garage doors is maintained by the springs. They are essential for proper functionality and security. There are two types of springs:

*   Torsion Springs

*   Extension Springs

Torsion springs are designed to hold heavier doors that range between 350 pounds up to 1000 pounds.

They are situated directly above the door on the wall.

Extension springs are designed for small doors that way 350 pounds and under. They are typically no larger than 9’ x 7’. These are generally installed in pairs.

Replacing or repairing your springs is not an easy task. It will require a professional with a great deal of expertise. Repairs that are not completed correctly can be hazardous. The cost of repair or replacement will vary depending on the kind of doors you have installed and your location.

Signs that Your Springs May Need Repair

If your doors are not responsive to opening or closing with the automatic opener, even though it is working properly then you may need to make some adjustments. Continued use may cause irreparable damage to the springs.

Other signs that you may need garage door spring repair include: the door stopping midway, doors that appear to be crooked, visible signs of wear or separation in the springs, elongated or irregular shaped springs that have lost tension.

Just like any other piece of equipment, preventative maintenance can increase the life span of your springs and their functionality. You should treat the springs, rollers, bearings, and pulleys at least twice annually with a silicone lubricant. Check them for regular signs of wear also.

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