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Different garage door parts will come to need replacement after a while. It’s the nature of systems that go through so much wear and tear to need maintenance in small and big aspects. Whether it’s replacing a broken spring or repairing a problem with the garage door opener, such tasks can prove dangerous due to the heavy weight and tension involved. Luckily, Garage Door Repair Ringwood offers you fast, cheap, and reliable assistance when it comes to that. Any problem your overhead door experiences you can get in touch with us for a swift solution. Just like these customers did recently:


Broken Spring Replacement | Ringwood NJ

Broken Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: The customer called us about a broken torsion spring that gave out well before the expected date.
Our Solution: We locked the garage door in its closed position, disconnected the lift cables, and slowly loosened the torsion cones. Once we were sure both springs were slack, we removed the cops and unwound both of them from around their spindles. We cleaned and oiled the system, installed the new springs, and reconnected everything. The customer will be calling the manufacturer about that defective spring!

Tim Marcoh - Ringwood
Garage Door Opener Repair | Mahwah NJ

Garage Door Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The customer’s garage door opener started opening and closing on its own, unprompted. Taking the batteries out of the remote control didn’t help, and the customer began fearing for her family’s safety.
Our Solution: We suspected that the motherboard was responsible, but replacing it had no effect. We went over the garage door opener system and found a tangled and frayed wire connecting the remote control antenna and the motherboard housing. Replacing the wire solved the problem, but we let the customer keep the fresh and newly programmed circuit board.

Nina Tucker - Mahwah
Cable Replacement - Oakland NJ

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: The customer couldn’t quite lift his garage door on his own once one of his lift cables gave out! He ordered a replacement pair.
Our Solution: After disconnecting the garage door from its opener and decoupling the cables, we started unspooling. We removed the old lift cables, cleaned and oiled the spools, and then attached and spooled up the new pair. Once we hooked the new lift cables up to the garage door, the repaired system passed all tests.

Alex Armstrong - Oakland
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